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It takes a village

Gift-Passion-Purpose Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Tiffany Renée Jackson, whose primary mission is to provide support and guidance to gifted musicians in underrepresented communities in Connecticut.

For more information about Dr. Jackson and the mission, visit her website.


The Mission

Gift-Passion-Purpose Project, Inc. was founded by Dr. Tiffany Jackson in 2019. The primary purpose is to nurture the musical gifts of aspiring singers and instrumentalists from underrepresented communities primarily in Connecticut, but not exclusively. The hope is to instill the value of self-discipline, determination, dedication to enhance one’s gifts, and to inspire the importance of enriching the community through their gifts. The nature of the activities is to provide music scholarships, grants, and mentorships to children and young adults. We will encourage artists to seek applied music lessons (individual study), assist in the purchase of instruments and materials, fund attendance to music programs, award scholarships to study music on the collegiate level, and sponsor individuals, who exemplify extraordinary musical potential. GPPP Inc. will encourage recipients to organize performances and other related activities for elderly communities, educational institutions etc.

Message from Vice President

Dr. Tiffany R. Jackson

Service to others is the rent we pay for our room on this earth.
— Muhammed Ali

Growing up in the inner city, I lived less than three miles from an arts district in New Haven, CT however, I was completely unaware of its existence. Children who live in underrepresented communities are often concentrated in areas where they are not required to venture out. In addition, the educational institutions in their area are devoid of developed music programs or the arts are cut altogether. I am confident that if it had not been for the arts, my life would have taken a different course. Music nurtured my imagination, created a distinct path and helped connect me to an extended community of like-minded artists. It is my wish that GPPP Inc. will provide resources to aspiring, young, and gifted musical artists, and to become a motivating force, so that the recipients will, themselves, desire to foster change in the world. We must demonstrate the change we wish to see.




Business Address 57 Olive Street
New Haven, CT 06511


Vice President and Founder Dr. Tiffany R. Jackson
(203) 843- 6185


applied Music Lessons

Private music instruction is the most efficient means to hone and perfect a young musician’s craft. Natural abilities are commendable, however mastery of gifts can private a world of many opportunities.

College scholarships

GPPP, Inc. will provide assistance to gifted musicians destined for careers in music, performance and education.

Instruments and materials

Ownership of a piano, electric keyboard, saxophone, flute etc and the proper care for it is essential for gifted musicians.

Mentorships with Professionals

Young musicians need support and guidance from artists thriving in professional arenas. GPPP will connect aspiring musicians to seasoned professionals, local and national.

Music Programs

Is it essential to learn to thrive in music communities outside of one’s own, in order to build professional relationships and partnerships with artists from every corner of the world.


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